You will have access to life-saving safety training videos developed specifically for Mill Services Providers. The MTS Subscription to Safety program involves a yearly subscription to 12 safety videos that are produced and delivered monthly to our clients. The 12 videos are meant to satisfy the majority of OSHA’s annual safety training requirements. However, it’s our life-saving content that differentiates our company from other safety video providers. MTS videos contain life-saving information in the form of interviews with injured workers, accident recreations, near-miss recreations and hazard recognition exercises. We film in our clients’ plants on a regular basis and we recreate many of their accidents and near-misses. This extraordinary training is in use by nearly 90 percent of the steel companies in North America and hundreds of other companies worldwide. MTS Training videos are currently translated to 18 different languages.

MTS was founded in 1996 by former steel managers with extensive experience. We have since emerged as a worldwide leader in developing life-saving content specifically for the Steel Services Industry.

Life-Saving Content

MTS monthly safety videos deliver life-saving content in the form of interviews with injured workers and their families, accident recreations, near miss recreations and hazard recognition exercises.

MTS can personalize the life-saving content by using your accident data to develop recreations and obtain employee interviews. MTS is eager to recreate your accidents and near misses. There is no additional charge for recreating your accidents. Access MTS' entire training library through your own web portal. You will have access to hundreds of videos that were developed for the Steel Services Industry. You will also have access to hundreds of injured employee interviews, accident and near miss recreations.

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MTS will also recreate accidents and near misses that occur in your facilities. There is no additional charge for recreating your accidents.

Video Portal

As a subscriber you will have access to your own Video Portal. From there you can access all current releases as well as a massive library of past releases, environmental releases, special releases, toolbox talks, and featured segments that include short interviews, accident and near miss recreations. You can search your video portal to find the video and printable materials that you need when you need them.

The new MTS Custom Course Builder is a powerful tool that allows our clients to develop their own training courses. This is ideal for very specific, focused training to accomplish a specific training goal. The MTS Custom Course Builder will allow you to utilize your own content in the form of PowerPoint slides, video that you shoot with a cell phone, iPad or video camera including process camera footage, photographs, charts, documents and more. You can click on the image to view a short video on how the MTS Custom Course Builder works.

Learning Management System

Your subscription includes access to your own Learning Management System that will allow you to record and track all training that takes place at your facility.

Filming in your Facilities

MTS will film in your facilities on an ongoing basis to acquire video footage for new monthly releases. By filming in your plants your employees will be directly involved in the safety process and will have the opportunity to see themselves and their co-workers in the videos which greatly increases their interest. MTS is unique in the fact that all of our videographers have four year degrees in safety and health. As a result they have extensive experience in safety related issues unique to your industry.

Custom Video Production

MTS has developed hundreds of custom videos, ranging from New Employee Orientation videos and Contractor Safety videos to specialized process videos and even marketing videos. As a subscriber you will be able to request custom video production at special discount pricing.

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